Evac+Chair International Ltd -
Company Policies

The Company operates an “open door” policy whereby equal opportunities for job vacancies are available regardless
of race, colour, creed, age or sex. No preference is given to any one category but purely on the basis that the Company’s
future depends on the best quality of workforce to meet its high standard of professional and technical requirements.


As you would expect, Evac+Chair International Ltd has made the necessary adjustments to meet the requirements of the
Disability Discrimination Act, and will consider all applicants on their capabilities.


Evac+Chair International Ltd is committed to being a good employer in all matters relating to our employee’s health and
safety at work. The Company will comply with its responsibilities under Health and Safety
Legislation and also accepts
responsibility for making sure that:

Occupational Health and Safety Management is an integral part of our business strategy and performance. The way we
conduct our business does not harm the health and safety of our employee's or anyone else affected by our activities.
We will secure a working culture in which the continual improvement of health and safety performance is understood and
implemented by everyone in our business.

To make this Health and Safety Policy and its objectives effective, the active involvement, support and understanding of
all our people is important. Ultimate responsibility for health and safety lies with the Managing Director and the Health
and Safety Committee.

To achieve the
Health and Safety Objectives set, we have appointed designated people to be responsible for
health and safety strategy and planning, and to put in place the necessary organi
sational structure and arrangements.
These people will monitor and control what we do and ensure that our procedures are reviewed regularly, necessary
changes made and that we keep abreast of any new legislation.

The Company’s Health and Safety Objectives are to:

• Provide and maintain premises, plant and systems of work that are safe and
where risks to health and safety are
eliminated or minimi

• Identify hazards at the earliest opportunity and ensure that cost effective, preventative action is put in place

• Minimi
se risks with a particular focus on high and medium risk areas

• Record, measure and take appropriate action in all areas of health and safety performance

• Continually review and improve the Health and Safety Management System,
safety performance and safety culture

• Ensure that the Company meets and supports all current health and safety
legislation, standards, codes of practice
and the requirements of BS8800
and OHSAS18001

• Provide the appropriate level of health and safety information, instruction,
training and supervision to all employees
as and when required

Line Managers must ensure that our customers, contractors and visitors respect this policy.


The management of Evac+Chair International Ltd is committed, to the best of its ability, to the improvement of the
environment. Our aim is to help conserve natural resources through our purchasing methods in order to sustain those
resources, and to minimi
se the detrimental effect of our activities on the environment.

The company has in place the following action plan:-

• Improve management awareness of environmental issues

• Maintain awareness of relevant legislation and ensure compliance

• Minimi
se waste and the use of all materials through re-cycling

• Help suppliers to recogni
se their environmental responsibilities

• Promote environmental awareness amongst staff